Islam’s View of Jesus

Ask any Muslim about Jesus, and not only will they acknowledge the existence of Jesus, they will let you know how much they love Jesus. This is very confusing to most Christians when hearing this, but a Muslim is supposed to love Jesus as He is recognized as one of the major prophets in Islam. What can not to be confused, though, is their distorted view of who Jesus really is. 
Following is a few of Islam’s views in how they see Jesus.

  • Islam denies the need for Jesus to die for our sins. Muslims believe that the God of Abraham can simply forgive sins without an atoning sacrifice.
  • Islam denies the fact of Jesus’ death on the cross. Generally according to Islamic teaching Jesus went directly to heaven without dying. He was not crucified. Muslims often believe that Judas, the traitor, had his face miraculously transformed into the face of Jesus and died in the place of Jesus as a judgement from God.
  • Islam denies the efficacy of Jesus’ death to remove our sin and guilt.
  • Islam denies Jesus’ resurrection and his victory over death.
  • Islam denies that Jesus has become the Messianic King, who is to reign over the whole world.

Jesus as found in the Qoran

You can find out more about the Islamic perspective on Jesus by reading about him in the Qoran. Various chapters (suras) and verses are indicated below. Jesus is usually referred to in the Qoran by the name Isa. Various titles, roles and activities are attributed to Jesus. Here are a few examples:

Jesus is the word of God: Sura: 3:45; 5:46, 110 and 57:27

Jesus is Messiah: Sura: 3:45; 4:171; 5:17, 72, 75

Prophet or a Messenger from God: Sura: 3:49; 6:85; 19:30; 57:27

Raised the dead and healed the sick: Sura: 3:49; 5:110

Pure, sinless: Sura: 19:19

Muslims never think of Jesus as being divine or as saving us through his death and resurrection. They think of him as a prophet who brought a book called the “Gospel.”

Today, when you pray:

  1. Pray for the truth to become more important than being accepted by family and society. (Many Muslims are resistant to the gospel because they are afraid of what their family or community would do if they became a Christian.)
  2. Pray for whole families to be saved so that they can support each other as they grow and mature in faith.
  3. Pray for more Muslims to have encounters with Jesus through dreams and visions. Pray particularly for this to happen to Muslims as they go on pilgrimage to Mecca.
  4. Pray that the message of Jesus would be accessible, even in remote places where Christian workers can’t go. Pray for Christian websites, satellite TV programs and radio programs to be available to all and make a lasting impact on visitors, viewers and listeners.

Reposted from 24:14 Ministries whose mission it is to reach the Muslim world for Christ.

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