CoachingCoaching is different than counseling.  Where counseling helps people get out of dysfunction into a state of normal, coaching helps people go from a state of functioning to a higher level of functioning.

Dr. Johnny Walker is a certified Executive Coach.  He has a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and his PhD in Leadership and Management from Aidan University.

Johnny has developed a coaching model centered around Foundational Core Values™ Foundational Core Values™ are “how” you believe the world should operate.  Here is how it works:

When Person A violates your Foundational Core Values™ against Person B, it bothers you.  You might blog about it, post something on Facebook or talk about it over lunch or dinner.

When Person A violates your Foundational Core Values™ against you or someone you love, you get upset.  There is some form of emotional response.  It might be physically aggressive, verbally aggressive or even passive aggressive.

When you violate your own Foundational Core Values™ you are violating yourself.  This is where anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness, depression and eventually despair come from.

Once you know what your Foundational Core Values™ are you can immediately stop violating yourself.  This actually solves about 70% of the problems going on around you.  The second step is to start using them as your first filter for all of your decisions as you consider the different opportunities that cross your path.

This works well with people of all ages, but it works especially well with college age and young professional age individuals, because at that age they are sincerely searching.

For more information and a FREE Foundational Core Values™ Assessment, contact Johnny Walker at Johnny@JohnnyWalker.Co