Gaining True Wealth

The world defines wealth by the amount of toys you have and the level of happiness you feel. These are temporary fixes, and will work for a short period of time. However, because they are always contingent on outside sources you will never obtain enough; therefore, you will never be truly wealthy.

Oh, you will convince yourself that you are. Other people will tell you that you are wealthy, but deep inside you will still be as empty as you always were, because nothing outside of you, in this world, can fill that gap.

Here are my suggestions for obtaining true wealth. They are not in a particular order:

1. Focus on things that last longer than your life here on earth. This could be the benefit for others you leave behind, or more importantly your future in eternity.

2. Focus on activities that leave you fulfilled and leave happiness to the amateurs. Happiness is fleeting; satisfaction and fulfillment are long lasting. Some would even argue, eternal.

3. Stop violating yourself! The end result NEVER justifies the means it took to get there. The means is the only thing that matters.

If you are outcome focused you will wind up violating your Foundational Core Values and create a vortex of despair that can’t achieve your way out of.

4. Identify your Foundational Core Values! Use them as your first filter for all decisions, and refuse to violate them. Be willing to lose friends, jobs, family and even your own life before you are willing to violate your values.

Following this one rule will solve about 60% of all your current stress, immediately.

5. Identify and intentionally live in your purpose daily; hourly! Life satisfaction comes from knowing that you are making a difference, no matter how small. Intentionally fulfilling your purpose just once a day will increase your life satisfaction tremendously.

6. Keep the important a things important. Repeat them to yourself, wrote them down, hang pictures or quotes on the walls to remind you of what is important.

If you don’t do this, you will find yourself listening to the lies of the world and back in the rut you just came out of. Only this time it will be deeper.

7. Don’t ask for permission to be you. Go be you and stumble around the world a bit as you find the nitch that fits for you.

8. Realize that circumstances always change. A good fit today, may not be next year, or even next month. Be willing to adjust your circumstances, but never your Foundational Core Values.

9. Identify other’s values before you make commitments. This is true for friendships, romantic relationships and jobs. All good values mesh together, but not everyone really lives by their Foundational Core Values. Being committed to someone who doesn’t know or follow their own Foundational Core Values can be devastating.

7. Realize that true wealth is not something to be made or achieved, but something to be realized. A life of wealth and great value begins with learning who you are, and maximizing you on a daily basis.

8. Be willing to make mistakes. Mistakes aren’t failures, refusing to learn from them is the only failure.

You are amazing! You were fearfully and wonderfully made! Dig deep, meet yourself, and capitalize on what makes you, you!