August 3, 2014 Update

I hope you all enjoyed Jeff last week as he shared with you a different perspective on how to study God’s word. I know he enjoyed his time with you.

This Sunday Alisa and I are back in town! (and no more Sunday trips are on the calendar) We hated having to miss last week, but this trip had been planned and paid for for 6 months.

We will continue our discussion on how to study God’s word. We will be covering a practical outline someone taught Johnny when he was in college that he still uses today.

Bring your smartphones and tablets as we will also be looking at an app that can help you to better understand what the writers of the Bible were saying vs our Americanized interpretation of the English translations.

Bring your friends, and forward this email to anyone you know that might be interested in learning how to study God’s more effectively.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday ay 10:15!

– Johnny

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