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Bible Study- menOur discussions in Bible study last Sunday started with us looking at where we wanted to take the college and career class.  Did we want to develop a ministry or leave it as a class to attend on Sundays?  I think the safe thing to do would be just leave it a class, but it really needs to be a ministry.

The years you spend in college and in the early years of your career are some of the most important in your life.  You are finally on your own and are challenging and internalizing all of the things you have been taught your whole life.  Unfortunately, you are surrounded by people who don’t love you like your parents have and still do, and they all have ideas about what you should believe and how you should live your life.  Most of them are about them getting what they want from you.

Mix that with the fact that during these years church ministries seem to lose focus on your lives.  You see, you are a nomadic people.  Much like Abraham in the Bible you guys are wonderers.  Not confused, but very mobile.  One weekend you are here and another you may not be.  The demands of school, social activities, new found freedom and work schedules are pulling you in a hundred different directions.

Because of this, attendance is sporadic at best sometimes.  It’s hard to develop a consistent ministry around sporadic, especially if you measure a successful ministry by “how many attended.”

So here are a few things you need to know about Just Jesus Ministries and our focus on you and your peers:

1. We don’t measure success by how many attended a Bible study or event; we measure it by the interaction of those that were there.

2. We define ministry as “meeting needs.”  If we have a million events with amazing attendance, but aren’t meeting needs- we have failed.  We want to design our teaching and events around your needs.

3. Our primary objective is to develop opportunities for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, which means you will need to know how to apply God’s word to your life.  If you can’t apply what we are talking about, why are we talking about it?

4. Another objective is to develop opportunities for you to network (hang out with people) with other Christians your age.  By doing so we can help you develop a support group of “equally yoked” people that you can depend on and “bear one another’s burdens” as you go through this exciting and stressful time of life.

5. We are not a church. We are a ministry that supports churches that have college and career ministries and those that don’t have an organized ministry, but have college and career aged people attending their church.  That being said, Johnny does teach weekly at 11:00am on Sunday mornings at Piedmont Church.  If you know someone that is not involved in a regular Bible study, anyone is welcome to join us.

This is an important time in your life, and we are here for you!  We want your input into:Bible Study- women

1. What ministry opportunities you want to be involved in.

2. What topics you want to cover during Bible studies

3. What events you think would be the most fun and create more opportunities to gather like minded people to grow and support each other in their relationship with Christ.

Let us know how we can better serve you and your friends!


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